Joe Becht, Owner

Joe has been in the automotive repair business for over thirty years. Twenty years of service experience with high end German vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Joe was a special technician for Audi, covering 12 states and 104 dealerships. He assisted dealers with unusual or persistent mechanical issues. Joe spent 13 years with Mercedes Benz corporate as a service and parts operations manager working with Southern California dealerships.

Erin Dempsey, Service Advisor

Pursuing a passion of service, Erin has dedicated the past 9 years to educating herself in automotive mechanics after leaving a successful career in Cardiovascular research. Erin’s relentless curiosity and vehicle maintenance knowledge has earned her respect & excellence as an advisor. Erin is an ASE C1 Certified Service Consultant.

Married 22 years and a mother of two, there is nothing about Erin that is average or ordinary. Erin is an avid reader, enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends and serving her church. Erin has a BA degree from UCSD in Animal Physiology, is a published researcher and without question is a certified type “A” personality!

Erik McGarvey, Service Manager

Erik loves a challenge. This characteristic has advanced his career as a quality super certified automotive technician. In the 14 years Erik has been in the Automotive Repair industry he has been a service advisor and worked hard at developing his mechanical knowledge, achieving multiple technician certifications. Erik is an ASE Certified Master Technician, MACS, L1 Advanced, Ford Diesel Certified, Smog Certified Instructor, and BAR EI/EO Certified. Erik’s true passion is working on Domestic trucks.

Erik lives with his wife and children in Temecula and when he has free time he likes to go shooting, four wheeling, racing and fabricating. Something you may not know about Erik is that before becoming a technician he was a Certified L1, L2, L3 Firefighter.

Adam Hixon, Lead Technician

Adam grew up in Yellowstone, Montana. He loves outdoor activities and anything that goes fast! He learned the trade from his Dad where from the age of 2 he was under the hood. Later he moved into dirt racing and road racing. He has never lost the passion for fixing cars whether race or regular.

Adam has been Certified by Standard Motor Training as a Master Technician and currently holds ASE certifications A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, L1 and L2 and BAR L2 Test/Test & Repair Smog Inspector.

Service Team

Mathew Holman, Technician

Originally from Apple Valley Mat was always mechanically inclined. At his 4th birthday party he received his first floor jack and tool set! With a passion for motorcycles and dirt bikes, at the age of 16 Mat opened his own motorcycle store and repair shop in Apple Valley

Mat was always in the garage with his dad working on cars so in 2007 he started working as an auto technician. He currently holds ASE certificates A1,A2, A3, A4, A5, and A7. Mat also says that his true joy is fabricating and welding.  He considers this his therapy.  “Destroying something and making something at the same time!” 

Mat has two sons Tyler & Jacob and enjoys riding dirt bikes, 4 wheeling, boating, and is currently teaching himself to play the guitar.  He also enjoys cooking especially barbeque.

Henry Trujillo, Technician

Born & raised in Los Angeles, CA,  Henry developed an interest in autos at age 12 watching his father and uncles repair their vehicles and initially worked on dirt bikes and quads. He attended UTI after graduating high school earning a certificate in Automotive Repair on Ford Diesels.  He then worked at Midas for two years followed by a stint at Goodyear and then Inland Auto and Truck.

Henry is married and enjoys off-roading, baseball with his children (two boys) and practicing at the shooting range. Other hobbies include jet skiing and boating, camping and attending car races.